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Hello! I tried capture2opencv example on CS-MIPI-SC132 and got a small FPS(12) on rpi 3b. After changing 3b to 4 I got a same FPS(12). It just reading a stream without any calculation! Which is the right way to use CS-MIPI-SC132 with opencv? I would like to change this example, but I don't know how this should work. How people use cameras like this in projects with small FPS (and latency). Previews work's well but they without opencv.

Thank you!

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Sorry for answer late.

I think the key point is the data format conversion. Now the underlying data format provided by the camera is yuv. In my demo, every frame is converted to rgb format via cpu.

If you can use yuv format for your project, do not convert it, and then test it?

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